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Flex Your Mind Muscle: Discovering YOU
Creative Insight Journey for Adults


This Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program that was developed in 1979 focusing on emotional intelligence, resiliency, and personal growth.


In this powerful, life shifting, 8-week self-discovery course (taught either in person or live online) you will be given the blueprint to get clear on who you are and what you want. Your clarity, self- confidence, awareness, sense of direction, and passion will increase exponentially.

If you are ready to….

  • Awaken to your true calling by getting clear on who you are and want you really want

  • Discover the vast well of creativity that dwells inside of you so you can powerfully share it with the world

  • Rewrite and Reprogram your limited mindset with new beliefs that will set you free

  • Connect with a tribe that has been attracted by YOUR awesome vibe…a group of people who will hold you high and support you

  • Work with the fear that has been paralyzing you so that you can finally go for it and live out the life that is waiting for you

  • Step into your power, authenticity, and confidence so that you can create abundance by sharing your unique contribution and gifts with the world

Then… The Creative Insight Journey is for you!

In this 8-week program you will:

What Others Have Experienced

Facilitated by two inspirational trainers, Chris and Shannon, this seminar challenged me to let go of barriers to my creativity and begin to experience life with a new awareness.  It was a learning experience that explored a shift in paradigms to help me live more in the present, refocus my reactions to people and events, let go of judgments and guilt, and realize that anything is possible if I allow it to happen.

- Peg

The interpersonal, life-coaching seminar that Chris and Shannon Irwin present through Irwin Fitness and Health Coaching is transformative.  These two women, who are both great teachers lead you down a path of introspection that helps you find your core values, gives you peace and help set life-long goals. I highly recommend their program to anyone who finds themselves anxious, searching for a new path, or trying to lead a simpler, value-driven life. 

- Mary

Get a crystal-clear blueprint that will help you tap into your creative flow and intuition so you can live empowered.

Participate in a blend of experiential mindfulness and emotional intelligence exercises to refine and define who you are, weekly live-with's to shift your perspective on how you see yourself and the world, plus meaningful conversations with you peer coaching connection partner mid-week to land the learning. 
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