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1:1 Personal Training

When you get stronger physically, you get stronger mentally.

Physical fitness is achieved by moving your body, showing up, and pushing your limits.  

How you do one thing is how you do everything.  

As your accountability partner, we will be your daily “high five” while providing workouts that you actually enjoy!


Need help figuring out where to start? Do you feel intimidated by large gyms?

Irwin Fitness is your answer! 

In our private boutique personal training studio we will safely guide you to reach your goals. 

Which path is right for you?

Kickstart to Fitness

8 training sessions


This program is a kickstart to ease you back into fitness to feel your best!


We will build you up to feel good, not wear you down.



Strong Foundations

18 training sessions

This program is for you if you are looking to make lasting changes to your body composition, physical performance, and deep health.

*Receive 2 complimentary training sessions with this program (you only pay for 16!)



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Strength, endurance, balance, and mobility are fundamental in our training sessions to improve your quality of life. 

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