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Chris Irwin

Her Why: I believe fitness and nutrition are the foundation to overall physical and mental well-being. My ability to meet you where you are, listen to your challenges, and guide you to improve your habits is empowering. I can help you achieve your goals and live in a body you love. 

I have experienced many stages of life and raised a family of 4 children. My passion to help others embrace these different life stages is my why. Pushing the limits and aging gracefully is what it's all about!

Favorite equipment: TRX, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bands


NFPT Personal Trainer

NFPT Fitness Nutrition Specialist

TRX Trainer 

HCI Certified Health Coach

HCI Certified Life Coach

Chris Irwin

Chris is an inspiring and incredible trainer. As an over 60 year old female, I worked with her for several months and she helped motivate me to heights I never thought were possible. At each session, I was given a clear routine specifically designed to meet my needs.

The additional health and mindset coaching taught me how to better live in harmony with food and my social lifestyle, while still achieving my strength/weight loss goal. I gave up my gym membership and now have the confidence and knowledge to workout at home!


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