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Healthy Woman


A 1:1 health coaching program for those who want accountability, food freedom, body confidence and high energy

A Health Coach will work with you on your weight management, proper nutrition, increasing energy, building confidence, exercising regularly and breaking down your barriers and obstacles.


What if you could transform your entire way of eating?

  • Do you beat yourself up after mindless munching?

  • Do you feel that tracking calories and dieting is the only way to lose weight but can't keep it off?

  • Do you look in the mirror and shame your body?

  • Evidence-based resources to guide you along in making sustainable change

  • Applicable tools and exercises to keep you on track outside of sessions

  • Support, accountability and mindset coaching to redefine your relationship with food and your body

In this program you will...

Change habits that are keeping you stuck

Build an awareness of your behaviors around eating and the food-mood connection.

Uncover your personal power and feel empowered

Remove the negative self-talk and link pleasure to healthy behaviors so this becomes your way of being.

Build strategies to eliminate diet culture confusion

Create a balanced nutrient-dense plate, listen to your hunger and fullness, and eat high energy foods.

This coaching program gave me the confidence and support to make little changes that have benefitted my life in HUGE ways. Chris and Shannon didn't brow beat us or tell us what we shouldn't or couldn't do, but more importantly, encouraged us to make small changes which can sometimes be the hardest!


Irwin Fitness has helped me the most mentally. Going into this program, I was so focused on dropping the number on the scale and wanting to “look a certain way”. I have quickly realized that I have gained the most confidence in myself with minor changes in my food choices and decisions. When reflecting on why I started this I look back and realize it wasn’t to really see the scale change, it was for my mind to change what I thought of myself and what I am capable of doing. I am the most confident now in knowing I have my toolkit for life and thankful for that because of Irwin Fitness


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