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We offer virtual health coaching to help you find the right "recipe" for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management so you can live in harmony with food and LOVE your body!

  • Health coaching also dives deeper into your relationship with food – the how, why and when you eat are just as important as the what you are eating.  

  • Tap into your body's innate cues so eating becomes intuitive and weight management is the result!

  • Health Coaching involves exploring your dietary practices, along with your habits and behaviors.

  • Clients hire us for transformation, breakthroughs and accountability, along with access to curated information.  


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1:1 Health Coaching

You've tried every fad out there, and nothing has worked.  Your 1:1 Health Coaching package will teach you how to have your best relationship with food and your body.  Feel empowered to create a healthier lifestyle that sticks. 

Group Health Coaching

Our 12-week group coaching program designed with YOU in mind.  Learn how to take control of your health with intuitive and sustainable eating habits.


Gain food freedom, body confidence and high energy.

Fruits and Vegetables

12-Week Food Freedom &
Body Confidence Group

An online group coaching program for people who want to stop restrictive dieting and ditch diet culture that doesn't fit into your lifestyle.  Learn how to create a sustainable nutrition plan that includes all foods you enjoy while feeling your best!

Power Hour Call

Need a tune up?

A personalized and private meeting to get the answers to your health, fitness and nutrition you are looking for.


You will receive customized training and nutrition guidance based on your goals and current habits. 

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